Soccer-Supremo - Season 5 Starting Soon

Season 5 is now underway, good luck everyone.

If you are new to the game you can register a new team. You can view the Change Log so you can quickly see how the game development is progressing.

Please visit the Forums for news about the game and to report bugs and for suggestions and advice.

Soccer-Supremo is a free, browser based game of football/soccer management where you create and develop a team of players as you strive for success on the football pitch. The game includes training, youth and reserve development, financial aspects and team tactics plus more features as I introduce them. The game is currently in season 2 of the beta testing phase, there are bugs but these are being fixed.

Sample Week 7 League Results

Campillo Palmera 12vs0leeds unitedView Report
Biggleswade FC10vs7AnfieldView Report

New players are now being accepted into League 24 where there are currently 0 teams registered. It should take around 24 days for the league to be full and the season will then start the following Saturday.

Table for League 1, Season 5

1Campillo Palmera 740346182812
3Chapel Gunners640232161612
5leeds united73042033-139
6Biggleswade FC73044061-219
7amberts united62041922-36
Top Scorers
Charlie AndersonBiggleswade FC14
Rhys GalagherBiggleswade FC11
Bernie StoneBiggleswade FC11
Milan BrownCampillo Palmera 10
Dariusz DabretzkyBiggleswade FC9
Scott Anzeljorgubskablar9
Keylo Ramirez Campillo Palmera 9
John O Adamsjorgubskablar7

Table for League 2, Season 5

1Chapel Gunners II66006866218
2Chapel Gunners III641176106613
3Chapel Gunners Res632184176711
4FC Ein6303494099
6The SAS Boys611415125-1104
7FC Sedici61055535203
8Alltime Allstars XI61051483-693
Top Scorers
Dejan StankovicChapel Gunners Res25
Leo RonaldoChapel Gunners III24
Herman DatriqChapel Gunners II21
Fitzroy FerChapel Gunners Res21
Jaime MorataChapel Gunners Res20
Franc ZadravecChapel Gunners II19
Emmanuel EkikeFC Ein18
Johan HupaChapel Gunners III18

Table for League 3, Season 5

1Girly Gooners65012992015
2Torelli Foggia640247192812
3The Invincibles64022015512
6Man City Reserves62042334-116
7Manchester City 62042046-266
8WTPS FC61141337-244
Top Scorers
Wayne JenningsGJERDRUM9
Pavel GolobTorelli Foggia8
Shaun Wright PhillipManchester City 8
Troy SelbyTorelli Foggia7
David silvaManchester City 7
DaisinhoGirly Gooners7
Trevor WilliamsTorelli Foggia7
Mauritzio GaudinoMan City Reserves7

Table for League 4, Season 4

1Steers Superstars135263761-2417
2Walbrin F.C640245281712
3Etihad madrid64023021912
4Sao Paulo Saints64022620612
5Liverpool Reserves63125064410
6BigMick FC62041427-136
8Samson Wanderers6105754-473
Top Scorers
John AldridgeLiverpool Reserves28
Colin BellEtihad madrid16
Steve StoneSteers Superstars15
Archie WalbrinWalbrin F.C13
Derek SmithSteers Superstars12
Ama robertsWalbrin F.C11
Matty WalbrinWalbrin F.C10
Arse holeWalbrin F.C9